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Home Message Boards Bendis - April 26-30, 2005

Re: David Mack's Kabuki
04-26-05, 09:56 PM

I do have all 6 stories in Hard Cover at the conventional size. And I plan to eventually collect the future stories in this format.

So this other idea is a new one, but sounds like a fun format. I just want to know if readership will support the idea for this new and different format being that there is already an existing Hardcover format of all of the books.

So what do think?
I gues the bigger format idea would appeal mostly to new readers. WHile the regular format would appeal to those that already have the existing hardcovers.

Scarab's Panda and Kabuki #4 in stores today
04-26-05, 10:07 PM

Let me know what you think

More info at davidmackguide.com

Re: have you THOUGHT about what you've BOUGHT 4/27 (bitches)?
04-26-05, 10:30 PM
QUOTE justjeffery:
I havent read a damn thing yet, but I've got over 130 bucks worth of stuff right here... what I DO know is this...

Kabuki Scarab Panda is the mother f*cking bomb!!!!!!!! Makes me want to go and kill someone just like Scarab would... customers beware today, Im a futuristic Ninja assassin with teddy bear, bitch!!!!

Glad you got this!
And glad it shipped today!

This is a cool freakin stuffed animal with scars and stitches.
A great gift!
And a great intro to people in the store to check out the Scarab book.

Did you see the Adam Hughes cover to Kabuki #4?
I'm real happy with how that turned out.
And check out the pencils to it in the back of the book.
Amazing work.

Did everyone's store get the Adam Hughes cover to Kabuki 4?
04-26-05, 10:34 PM

Curious to how many of these you see in your local stores.

The Adam Hughes cover of this issue rocks. I'm very happy with how it printed. Check out the back of the issue to see the pencils of the Hughes cover.
Super work.

Just curious as to how many stores actually carry it, and how available they are in your shop.

Re: DatLocoPittCon Thread
04-26-2005, 11:47 PM

It was great to see you there!
You are a cool fellow.

Great to see so many of you from the board at the show!

Re: DatLocoPittCon Thread
04-26-2005, 11:49 PM

I did a Jessica Jones ink an brush in your book over night at the show.
I hope you like it!

It was good to see you there. Thanks for stopping by the table and touching me.

Everyone at the show was super.
Who's going to Toronto?

Re: Scarab Panda!
04-27-05, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by RangerChic
My panda is just staring at me. It's kind of freaky. Makes me think of this tv movie I saw once where this guy would put little cameras inside of the stuffed bears' heads so he could watch people.


We do put cameras in the Pandas eyes so I can watch you.
But don't tell.

Re: Scarab Panda!
04-27-05, 09:29 PM

I know I still need to e-mail you!
I still like you
I've just been juggling SOOOOOOO much stuff lately.
But I will come thru on the response to your mail

Re: Did..I...read..this...right?
04-27-05, 09:32 PM

It is in stores! #4 and the Panda!

Re: Columbus, OH?
04-27-05, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Yano
Am I remembering this correctly, or did Mack have a gallery art show thing somewhere in Columbus, OH? If so, is it still going on? I looked around but wasn't able to find anything about it. I'm going there next week, and if it's still going on I'd love to check it out!
I think it was up for a month and a half or so. They even extended it a week or two. But I think it will be down by next week.

Just to make sure, you could e-mail them. I think the info wason davidmackguide.com.

Hi Yano!

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