Donít sacrifice your dreams for the illusion of security. There is no security. Realize there is no security and become comfortable with that. It will free you up to do what you really need to do.
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Home Message Boards Bendis - April 11-15, 2005

04-11-05, 04:45 AM

I'm glad you like it.
I don't hate either of them, or recall saying I hated them. I just don't really promote them of examples of my work.
They aren't projects that I was in control of in terms of the whole package.

But definitely some little gems in some places. And lots of flaws and weak links in other places.

I can still look back at my old stuff and acknowlege the gems and charm in some parts, even though other parts are crudely handled, or, at least, less sophisticated than I would do now.

04-11-05, 07:14 AM

Wow, you got some old school works!

Re: Creators... where do you see yourself...
04-11-05, 07:17 AM

I'll probably just continue to use the mirror.
Especially during the shaving.

Re: I just bought the Limited Edition Portfolio!
04-11-2005, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by gelf13
I am so jazzed. It's being sent to me from Mass.

David, will you be at Wizard World East this year? If I bring it will you sign them for me?



Re: little davey Mack
04-12-05, 04:35 AM

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Thanks, man.

What are you doing these days?

I miss...
04-12-05, 05:30 AM

The people on this board

Now that I'm all segragated into my own board

Scarab Panda News
04-12-05, 02:31 PM

Still on schedule.
Below is my question to Diamond Chuck Terciera and Chuck's response:

Is the Panda still scheduled for April?
*** They are on the water from HK now and should hit port around 4/13 so we should be on schedule.

So good for that. And I think they are only $12.99.
That's a great price for a stuffed animal.
Guys, you should get one for your girlfriend. Or potential girlfriend.

Girls, You should get one for your girlfriend.
And guys, you should get one for your boyfriend.

Then give them the Scarab book to read so they see the Panda in it and it will be something special.
It is a love story after all.

Re: I miss...
04-12-05, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by BRSalazar
You could have just PM'ed me David. No need to display your affection publicly.
I didn't get any response, so you drove me to this.
It was the only way.

Re: I miss...
04-12-05, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by JRChapoy
you should appoint your own moderator to annoy us
Who wants the job?

Re: I just bought the Limited Edition Portfolio!
04-13-05, 09:57 PM

NIce story!

That just begs to go into an upcoming letters collumn of Kabuki!

With your permission of course.

My best to you and wife!
And glad my art could hopefully have been of help.

Re: Google your Bendis Board Screen name...
04-14-05, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by NewGuyJim
Ha - in addition to my profile and a post to a Neverwinter Nights board, I see that DavidMackGuide posted one of my questions to Mack on this board that I never saw the answer to. And here I thought he was just blowing me off all this time!
Glad you saw it!

Here I thought you were just blowing me off.

Re: Hey David! Just saying "Hi"!
04-14-05, 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by T-Dro
Hey Mr. Mack!

Just wanted to let you know I found this board...looks like a fun group!

I will not be able to go to Pittsburgh this year .

But, I already have my hotel room booked for Wizard World East in Philly! Don't you DARE cancel!

Terry Drosdak nee Lohmeyer

I'll be there!

Welcome to this board.

Finished sculpt of new Kabuki statue
04-15-05, 04:14 AM

Sculpted by Clayburn Moore.

8 pics

Photos and other Kabuki news here:

Hi Kat Amano...
04-15-05, 05:27 AM

Thanks for the Eisner regards!

What do I have to do to get Kabuki on your websites list of must reads and preorder books?

Re: Finished sculpt of new Kabuki statue
04-15-05, 09:49 AM


The first Kabuki statue from 7 years ago was around $120. But this one is quite a bit bigger, so I don't know.

I'll post it here as soon as I have the info.


Re: Hi Kat Amano...
04-15-05, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by nick filardi
this is turning into a kat amano apprication thread.
Which she more than deserves.
Let the appreciation ensue

Hi Nick. The colors on your image there look really good.

Re: Woo Woo David!!! The Eisner Pimpdaddy!
04-15-05, 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by Kat Amano
go david! you kick ass! woo woo! *applause*
Thanks Kat!

Thanks everyone :)

Very nice of you.

It was good news to hear today :)

Re: Dawn...
04-15-05, 08:21 PM

I'm not sure what that means.
But thanks.

I did see the new issue of Maxim today and her photo turned out well.

And they mentioned Jeff Amano's new book Ronin Hood which has a character (Lady Fujiko) that is based on her.

I just did a couple of paintings for the book of her as the character.

Re: The EISNER nominees are out!!!!!
04-15-05, 08:34 PM
[QUOTE=stephen]You don't like James Jean? or did i read this wrong..... I enjoy James Jean over any cover artist right now. I'd probably enjoy Mack but he hasnt put out that much work lately.
I like Jean too.

Hey I've been working non stop!

I did put out 4 full Kabuki issues in the last 9 months (Kabuki #4 leaves the printer this week), so look for it on the stands, yo!

I know, I think you mean my cover work. I haven't been doing as much covers since my Alias and DD cover gigs.

But look for my new cover work on RUULE: Ganglords of Chinatown TPB.

And my cover on Atomika.

My cover on the new Tori Amos 2006 calendar to be out soon.

And I just finished two paintings for Ronin Hood featuring Lady Fujiko. The Fujiko character in the book (and my paintings) is based on Mandy Fujiko Amano (the new issue of Maxim plugs the book with her interview and photos).

And look for an oversize hardcover collection of THE ART OF DAVID MACK which will collect ALL my Kabuki covers, and ALL my other cover work!

So be on the look out!

Also a new issue of Kabuki: REFLECTIONS for August! 48 page of new art stuff! Covers, sketches, figures, fine art paintings and more!

And hey all, thanks for the kind mentions and hopes about my Eisner nomination!
That was great news!

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