He said that once I overcame my human repulsions, I would have the edge over my opponent and my combative options would be limitless.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #6
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Home Message Boards Bendis: November 11-15, 2003

Re: Hey, i LIKED Daredevil #53 (SPOILERS)
Nov 11, 2003 12:47 am

Thanks for the kind words!

All that talk about Wolverine in the issue [of Daredevil #54] was really annoying, and I can see how that talk cheapened the reading experience for some people. The whole point of thelast page is that it is supposed to be a surprise.

It is not a crossover. Not any of the issues even mention the words "Wolverine" or "Logan" or "x-man". None of those words matter in this story. Because the storyworks for a completely casual reader in the context of the story and the context of the reality and the legendary structure of the vision quest.

In all my interviews about the series, I never mention the word "Wolverine" and I asked Marvel not to either. And asked them not to show any W art in the previewsor anywhere so people don't get the wrong idea. The whole point is its a surprise. And it works even if you don't know who or what the f**k a Wolverine is.

The point is, this story is it's own thing and if you have to judge it on its own merit, not in any relation to other books that have used the character cheaply and dissapointed you.

So thanks for that.


Re: New Kabuki feat. sketches by Bendis!
Nov 11, 2003 1:00 am

Yeah, old 1993 vintage Bendis Kabuki art!
It'd been yrs since we had looked at it, but it is actually pretty good! Still holds up.

Can you imagine a Bendis drawn KABUKI Circle of Blood?

Since this new series marks 10 yrs since I started Kabuki, I figured it'd be good to sort of give a process of the making and history of it. And we realized no one has EVER seen these Bendis Kabuki drawings. I've never published them before. So thought 10yrs was a long enough time to wait to publishe them

Thanks for you interest in Kabuki!


Re: New Kabuki in January!
Nov 11, 2003 1:10 am

Tip and Smashtor,
Thanks for checking it out. Glad you did the DD story. Check out the newer Kabuki stuff for a better (at least more personal) example of my work. I recommend KABUKI Metamorphosis. Circle of Blood is the begining, and is still the fave of many, but I did it 10 yrs ago and I can still see the charm in it but I wince at some things too. Meta is a more current with my tastes.

Thanks for that. I really appreciate that take on it. That is what I tried to do. Encrypt layers of intrigue and subplots without making them grab your attention or encumber the reading experience of the primare and surface story line.

Glad you are sensitive to that! And I appreciate the Alan Moore comparison.

Looking forward to reading the reactions of the new Kabuki readers!

Re: Hey, i LIKED Daredevil #53 (SPOILERS)
Nov 11, 2003 1:18 am

I hear DD 54 hits Nov 19 as planned. Still same monthly schedule. The first two issues coming out in 2 weeks does seem to make the other monthly issues seem to take longer.

As far as "left field", 54 is definitely that. I promise you that 54 and 55 used the characters in ways that have never been seen before. 55 is the payoff for 54 and the rest. I do understand that the series will read better all in one sitting, because that is the way I meant them to be. Each issue on it's own seems to make everyone say "WTF?". Issue 54 will I'm sure still have a big WTF factor. But 55 provides context for everything and grounds it and weaves it together.


Re: New Kabuki feat. sketches by Bendis!
Nov 11, 2003 3:05 am

If they are out of stock of any Kabuki books in the store, all you need to do is ask the store to keep it in stock or order more.

All of the Kabuki trades (and most of the back issues) can be ordered and reordered from Image Comics and Diamond Distributors at any time. I've printed many paperbacks to make sure that we have them in stock to accomodate all of the reorders from book stores.

Please pass this on to your store and give them my best regards.

Re: Oeming VS. Mack
Nov 13, 2003 12:38 pm

Ha Ha Ha! You guys are goooooofy! But I really enjoy it.

Mr Fusion, You are absolutely right about my nice guy/agression thing. I'm all about contrast. I love contrast. I like to mix realism with abstract and vice versa. I love to go from 0 to 60 at the drop of a hat in either direction. I'm a distraction of myself. And vice versa. I'm not even real. I am reality. I am a walking paradox and self parody. Horror and laughter are my friends. My name is a killing word. For healing. My arms are built for creation and destruction. I will dismantle you, and rebuild you in my image! I'm not even the same person when I am doing one or the other. That nice guy is Dr David. When you climb into the ring, you have to talk to Mr Mack. They are both genuine (I am my own tag team). I'm made for combat. When you fight me you have already lost. I'm so relaxed with your rage, because I've done it all before and it's just plain excercise to me. When I see an opponent, they are just excercise eqipment. Please, be my nordic track.

(For extra credit, read the above in hoarse Hulkamania tirade voice.)

Ha Ha! I'm glad the votes are so close. 50/50 as I write this.

Which means there is only one way to settle this. I will be happy to:

a) Engage Oeming in a one on one Mid Ohio Con Smack Down. We can charge admission for any viewers and donate it all to charity.

Or (and this would make more sense):

b) Oeming and I will join forces and wrestle all comers, for a 2 on 2 cage match.

Take your pick. Put that one to a vote.

Actually, funny thing is, Oeming and I have a long history of wrestling each other. We wrestled each other the first time we met at a store signing in 1994. We do it almost everytime we meet. We've wrestled in hotel rooms, outside, we've arm wrestled, and did BREAK DANCE FIGHTING, and I even challenged him to a WALK OFF! Which he accepted. And it is all on film!!!

He who votes against me must fight me.
Love, Love.

David (I will be happy to post my stats) Mack

Re: Wild Kabuki Theory
Nov 13, 2003 1:01 pm

Hello friends,
Kerouac was posting on the NEW KABUKI SERIES IN JANUARY thread (check it out and join it) on the Bendis Board and mentioned that I should check this out.

I'm glad to see this theory and discussion here! I appreciate when readers look pass some of the surface themes and stories of the book to see some of the encrytped themes and possiblitities.

Though I will not confirm or deny any aspect of this theory, I will say that Akemi is a big part of the new series of 2004.

The first issue is in the current Previews catalogue for shipping in January. It is the Previews with KABUKI The Alchemy on the cover!

Kindest regards,

P.S. Maybe I will see some of you at the Wizard World TEXAS and the MID OHIO Con THIS MONTH!
Please stop by and introduce yourself.

Re: New Kabuki in January!
Nov 13, 2003 1:06 pm
I think one reason Kabuki works so well is that it appeals to so many different levels...

It a beautiful book...it's entertaining...it's intellectual...it's philisophical...and it's spiritual...

how many comics have you read that you can say contain ALL those things...

Kabuki moves me...it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...

I'll be along for the long haul...
___Ryan Hoffman___

Thanks Ryan!
That's what I'm going for!

Re: Oeming VS. Mack
Nov 13, 2003 11:43 pm

I want to say that Oeming is an amazingly strong and skilled fighter and break dancer! And he deserves each and every one of your votes. I never looked at our bouts as a win lose proposition, but just fighting for the pure energy and fun of it, all in good friendly excercise!
And because I am a spaz.

Nappy, I love your band!

I'm sure you are a talented, powerful, and lovely human being.

But I have retard strength.

And I love everyone too much to cause them discomfort.

My stats (this is ridiculous):

36, 24, 36 (just kidding). I am 185 pounds of raw fish.

Last year I bench pressed 300 pounds.
I run the quarter mile in 53 seconds. I have stupid jumping ability.

Have any of you heard of thalidomide? My dad said my mom took morning sickness medication with thalidomide when she was pregnant with me. This was an epidemic that usually causes people to be born without arms or legs or without muscles in thier arms or legs. it affects the prenatal developement process of the appendages. I was born with extra arm and leg muscles. My dad told me this story when I was younger and he said it in all seriousness and told me that I was a mutant and that the thalidomide also affected my head, and that that was why I was different than the rest of the family. What a f**ked up thing to say to a kid. Then he stared off into space.

So anyway, I have stupid jump ability. Did pole vault, high jump, long jump, and hurdles in track. Once I jumped over Alex Ross. Ask him. I used to also jump over pianos for quarters when I low on income.

My general rule is that I can kick something one foot higher than my extended arm can reach up while I am standing. I won first place college karate tournament medal when I was skinny seventeen year old freshman against big upperclassmen black belts. They all surprised. My English not so good.

I also love getting hit, and hit myself with things. Best defense against getting hit, is to enjoy it. I paint with my own blood, bleed urine, and eat my own paint. I also paint with all of my other bodily fluids, but I'll talk about that later.

I am also a vocabulary chef and slice and dice words and sentences into sweet puree and pate.

Then spread over my body like viscous grammar. Roll in my sentence fragments until my dangling participles are fully conjugated. Then I gently roll my direct object into a prepositional phrase and garnish with comma splices, which, I admit, are my main vice.

So are you guys going to buy the new Kabuki or what?

Re: New Kabuki in January!
Nov 13, 2003 11:54 pm

Mike H,
No worries. We will hook you up. Anh will give you price of what you ask. If it is too much, just tell her the max budget you are allowed and she will give you as many books as can include with that budget, meaning with will throw in books for free anyway. And sign them. I guarantee satisfaction.

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